Monday, 22 August 2016

YouTube Video of my 2016 Seminar in Germany

Here are some pictures from my 2016 seminar in Germany. At the bottom of this post is a direct link to a video, which reviews the course. I hope this helps the attendees to prepare for my next seminars in Europe (as they will expand on these Budo Karate themes). At present there is an application where this will be held. Many countries are requesting for Spring 2017. As soon as this is determined the information will be posted online. Best wishes from Oita City, Japan. Osu, André.

Here is a brief 9 minute review of the seminar on Youtube:

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan 2016.

Monday, 15 August 2016


Above is the official interview from my 2016 European Tour. This film was created by Oliver Schomburg in Ahrensburg, Germany, during the last week of July. I'd once again like to thank Oliver for this opportunity. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!!! Osu, Andre 
© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan 2016.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Seminar Report & Video: ENGLAND 2016

On July 30th and 31st I taught a private seminar in Poulton-le-Fylde, in Lancashire, Northern England. The event organised by Michael Barr was exclusive with a limited number of tickets being available. Underpinning this was aim of giving participants more personal attention; furthermore, to be a significantly different style of course from the other two on this tour of  Europe.
Both standard Shotokan and self-defence techniques were covered and linked. The key point being that kihon, kata and yakusoku kumite must collectively result in enhanced jiyu kumite. When this is not the prime aim and outcome of training, technique becomes meaningless. In other words, kata application and prearranged kumite must be practiced alongside ‘non-compliant practice’. Nowadays, many clubs practice ‘bunkai’ without freestyle sparring. Needless to say, training in this way means that imperative martial arts skills such as—proper timing, distancing and chance taking—can never be developed. Conversely, jiyu kumite also requires that one practices the prearranged forms of sparring to develop strong fundamentals. Likewise, the applications of kata must be practiced. The result being Budo (Martial Arts) Karate.
All in all, I would like to thank Michael and Nathalie Barr for hosting me and my family for the week, and all of those who attended the seminar and corresponding social events. It was a real pleasure to catch up with old friends, and form some new friendships as well. I hope that the course content will help you all in your ongoing development. There were many jewels from Japan that, if assimilated through practice, will greatly bolster technical prowess. Osu, André.

Here, below, is a brief video from the England course. More videos from my 2016 European Tour will be coming soon.
© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan 2016.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wow! Andre Bertel san! 見えない!高速空手!大分のアンドレさん!

Here is a video courtesy of Nishi Fuyuhiko San (KURO OBI WORLD after the last JKA Gasshuku here in Oita: under the guidance of Hashiguchi Yuji Sensei. I'd like to thank Nishi San for this but, more importantly, for his long time and ongoing filmatography of authentic Budo Karate.

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2016).

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Next week I will be flying out of Japan to teach three international seminars in Europe (Germany, England and Italy). Usually, only once a year I have time to teach Karate outside of Japan—due to my very busy teaching and training schedule—so internationally speaking, ‘this is literally it’ for 2016.

For those who have secured places (to attend any of these three events) I look forward to training and camaraderie with you. If you have not yet booked a place, and wish to, I recommend that you contact the organizers immediately (on the off-chance that there might be a space left). – Osu, André.

André Bertel European Tour 2016

Where: Ahrensburg (Hamburg Metropolitan Region)
When: July 23rd and 24th, 2016.
Contact/Organizer: Oliver SCHOEMBURG SENSEI

Where: Poulton-le-Fylde (Lancashire)
When: July 30th and 31st, 2016.
Contact/Organizer: Michael BARR SENSEI

Where: Venezia
When: August 6th and 7th, 2016.
Contact/Organizer: Silvio CANNIZZO SENSEI and Mauro MION SHIHAN

 © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2016).

Monday, 11 July 2016

New “Kuro-Obi World” on Vimeo!!

As you will know, I am a fan of Nishi Fuyuhiko San’s excellent ‘Kuro Obi World’ website: so I’m really pleased to announce its new channel on Vimeo. For everyone interested in Budo Karate it is definitely worth checking out! Here is a direct link:
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Monday, 4 July 2016

大分県の空手家たちが素敵すぎる!Soul of JKA in OITA!

JKA Oita was featured on ‘Kuro Obi World’. I posted about this excellent training camp just recently.
Here is a direct link to that article... Osu, André 
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Sunday, 26 June 2016


Photo after self-practice today: mae-geri keage and kizami mae-geri was the complete focus. Happy, but burned out thighs!!! 
Over the years, and especially recently, many people have asked me to start my own karate organization; however, I would only ever do that, if I was outside of the JKA (Japan Karate Association).

My hope is to stay in JKA and contribute to it as much as possible. That is why I returned to JKA in 2013. I HAVE NO PLANS TO FORM MY OWN KARATE ORGANIZATION. I am simply training and teaching. Osu, André.

© André Bertel. Oita, Japan (2016).

Sunday, 19 June 2016

9th Anniversary of André Bertel's Karate-Do

Today marks the ninth anniversary of this blog/webpage. Over those years—and, more than 1.4 million visits,—the objective of this site has remained the same: the training and promotion of the authentic 武道空手 (Budo Karate) of Japan. 
Rather than write much today I’d simply like to offer my utmost thanks to my supporters around the world.

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2016).

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday morning training with Morooka San

With Morooka Takafumi San after our training this morning. Morooka San is not only a big guy: he is also a technician.
Today I had an extra training with Morooka San (JKA 4th Dan). Normally I do not train on Sunday mornings. 

We practiced for two hours. The time was dedicated to the shitei-gata (Heian Shodan through to Tekki Shodan in chronological order); then Kanku Dai and Sochin. In particular, we focused on precise kihon in these eight Shotokan-Ryu kata. Taken as a whole, the session was very productive: especially in regards to linking the fundamentals of the shitei-gata to all of the other kata; moreover, Karate-Do in its entirety. 

Above all else, the shitei-gata never cease to be tough challenge and, because of this, they continue to push ones karate forward physically and mentally, irrespective of how long one has been a karateka.

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2016).